We offer talks and presentations either specifically about trekking in Morocco or about our wider experiences in Morocco.

Here are two of the more prestigious presentations that we have delivered and the testimonies that they have generated:



The Travellers Club, Pall Mall, London

5th October 2009

“Well, wasn’t that worth waiting for?”
- Anthony Leyden CMG, Ambassador to Morocco 1999-2001, Chairman of the British Moroccan Society

"Dear Alan,
  First I want to write to you to thank you and Lynda for coming to our AGM and giving such an interesting talk. Everyone loved it
  and wants more.”
- Benedicte Clarkson, Honorary Secretary of the British Moroccan Society

“A well attended event where members and friends met up with the committee members to discuss the role of the British
  Moroccan Society. It was followed by a wonderful talk by Alan Palmer and Lynda Corry on their experiences trekking in remote
  parts of Morocco.”
- Minutes of the British Moroccan Society AGM, 2009

“If only I were 20 years younger!”
- the late Joe Greggero CBE, former President of the British Moroccan Society

“Let me tell you that although I was born in Morocco, I felt very small compared to what I saw last night. Absolutely sublime.
  Thank you again.”
- Hicham Scali, member of the British Moroccan Society



Olympia, London,

29th January 2012

“That was great. Do you think you could come and make a presentation for us?”
- Jean Clough, Vice President of The Globetrotters Club, Covent Garden, London

If you would be interested in us presenting to your society or organisation, please contact us for a conversation.