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Western Atlas Trek
Western Atlas Trek
Western Atlas Trek
Western Atlas Trek
Western Atlas Trek
Western Atlas Trek

A wonderful trek across the remote Tichka Plateau. Climb out of the valleys to visit beautiful, elevated summer pastures and take time to explore any one of the peaks that encircle them. Pass through historic Berber villages in which traditional values and customs are still held dear.


Itinerary (brief)

Day 1: Arrive in Marrakech
Day 2: Transfer to Aguersafene
Day 3: Walk from Aguersafene to Targa Oufella
Day 4: Walk from Targa Oufella to Tasghimout with a side trip to Guenfis Meadows
Day 5: Optional ascent of Amendach.
Day 6: Walk from Tasghimout to Imlil
Day 7: Walk from Imlil to Souq Sebt Ghbalou and transfer to Marrakech
Day 8: Depart from Marrakech

Why book this trek?

• Enjoy the High Atlas Mountains at their greenest
• Visit an area of the High Atlas Mountains more in touch with its traditions

Itinerary (detailed)

Day 1: Transfer from the airport to your riad in Marrakech. Enjoy the opportunity to explore this wonderful city for the rest of the day.

Day 2: We transfer to the Western High Atlas Mountains and camp for the night on the banks of the Assif Sembal at the very edge of the traditional village of Aguersfene (1587m). 6 hours transfer, approximately.

Day 3: We begin our trek by following the Assif Ida Gourion from Aguersafene up through almond and walnut trees to Targa Oufella (1959m), the highest settlement in the main valley, passing occasional small villages and hamlets along the way. 4 hours walking, approximately.

Day 4: We continue to follow the green valley still higher and steeply beyond Targa Oufella before finally crossing Tizi Asdim (2842m) to enter upon the Tichka Plateau. We take a small side trip to visit a succession of idyllic summer pastures as far as Guenfis Meadows and a deserted former French military outpost before descending to our camping spot (2417m) below the rocky knoll of Tasghimout (2844m). 5 hours walking, approximately.

Day 5: Today we have the option of climbing Amendach (3382m), the highest of all the peaks that encircle the Tichka Plateau, for wonderful views in all directions. Alternatively, there is the choice of either gently exploring the summer pastures of the plateau or even taking a rest day and simply enjoying the natural beauty of our location. 5 hours for the optional ascent of Amendach.

Day 6: We break camp and begin our descent from the plateau. The trail soon joins the banks of the Assif Nfis, at times rising high above the river, at others descending to cross its tributary valleys. We head on, descending further through the legendary Tiziatin Forest and stunning mountain scenery, until we arrive at the traditional village of Imlil (1706m). We camp for the night close to the marabout of Ibn Toumart, founder of the Almohad Dynasty. 7 hours walking, approximately.

Day 7: We continue gently downriver, following the piste that leads onwards from Imlil along the north bank of the Oued Nfis until it reaches its confluence with the Assif n’Oumsour. Here we arrive at the market town of Souq Sebt Ghbalou (1615m) where our vehicle will meet us. If this is a Saturday, we can take time to enjoy the weekly market. We then transfer back across the High Atlas Mountains via the Tizi n’Test (2092m), the most dramatic mountain road pass in Morocco, and take you to your riad in Marrakech where you will have free time in the evening to continue your exploration of this celebrated city. 2 hours walking and 3 hours transfer, approximately.

Day 8: Transfer back to the airport and depart from Marrakech.

Itinerary notes:

On occasion local weather conditions may require the trekking route to be altered in the interests of your safety.

If this itinerary is not exactly what you had in mind, please do contact us for a discussion as all itineraries can be adapted according to your wishes.